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This thesis focuses on studying the impact of promotion mix elements on footfalls and sales in a re..
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Structured Holistic Development Program: A Tool for Success New
The book is based on a topic which is very critical need of the hour. Educational institutes have t..
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पुस्तक  कुल आठ अध्यायों में विभक्त है। प्रथम अधयाय में भारतेंदु काल का संक्षिप्त परिचय है। इसक..
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Wide coverage on the topics of Management. Designed to meet the needs of both students and working ..
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Practical Manual of  Molecular Biology New
The book starts with an introduction and biochemical calculations, and continues to laboratory exe..
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The Book “Measurement of Regional Disparities” focuses on accentuation of regional disparities due..
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This book on teaching skills and technologies has been mainly designed for students and teachers w..
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Childhood disabilities are a major concern for the parents and a great challenge to the attending pa..
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The book contains the equations of state, isothermal bulk modulus, pressure of bulk modulus, pressu..
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